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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  April 30, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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in their oversight capacity to determine how effective companies are using it. we use it to great effect and we've developed technologies like silicon photo tronics, so the data travels on light beams versus electrons on copper wires. so legislators have an important role for assessing how corporate tax provisions work and so if you make it permanent, it would be hard to make it unpermanent. so i worked on capitol hill for 18 years. i understand why they don't make it permanent. but that won't deter us from continuing to advocate for that. >> and peter cleveland was chief of staff to senator dianne feinstein at one point in his career. do you have an ally in ways and means dave kemp? >> he's done a terrific job on tax issues. we know him very well. he has some interesting ideas for comprehensive tax reform. we talk to him often and will continue to do so.
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he's a first-rate legislator. >> again, switching topics. we've recently heard that commerce secretary gary lock is going to be heading to china to serve as the u.s. ambassador. he's really served as the administration's front man in terms of speaking to the technology industry and hearing their concerns. can you talk about what you would like to see or intel would like to see from the next commerce secretary and what their priority should be? >> president obama has talked about a national export strategy, doubling exports over a four or five-year window. the commerce department needs to drive hard on that goal. gary lock was terrific. he was a nuts and bolts zonche. he understood how to push exports and he's going to be a terrific envoy to china, given his background in chinese-american decent. the government needs to integrate well with businesses
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to push exports to the four corners of the globe. there are all sorts of barriers, regulatory barriers, taxes, difficulties that we face entering foreign markets, and the commerce department should be our ally in breaking down those barriers. >> go ahead. >> we've seen a lot of names floated. ron kirk, even former google c.e.o., eric schmitt. julius janikowski. do you have any thoughts on the candidates or the type of person you might think from the private sector are better or someone with government experience? >> a better choice would be someone from the private sector. i think the white house gets this. and that would hopefully be the selection. perhaps a c.e.o. that has run multi-national companies, that knows the ins and outs of how tough it is to generate revenue, to make a profit, to make personnel decisions. that would be a positive choice, a c.e.o. from one of the major american companies. >> and finally, peter cleveland, if you could,
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describe the importance of china and india in the tech world. >> they are crucial. they are the breadbasket for us going forward. our revenues are churning forwards at a 13%, 14%, 15% rate. in china in particular, we have invested there our people, our energy, our time. it's a gigantic marketplace. there are problems there in terms of our ability to protect our i.p., to deter the force or compulsory certifications and licensing that the chinese require. but make no mistake -- it's an incredible marketplace and we need to build a positive economic bilateral relationship with the chinese and not permit contentious debates to overcome what is clearly the most important relationship in the world. >> what about india? >> india is a growing marketplace, an enormous number
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of people not as lucrative or not as much of a buying marketplace as china, but developing into a powerhouse. and we have substantial numbers of people there and sell successfully in india. so it's different than china, but quite promising as well. >> peter cleveland is vice president of intel, and mr. nagesh, thank you both. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> you're watching c-span, bringing you politics and public affairs. every morning it's "washington journal," our live call-in program about the news of the day, connecting you with elected officials, policymakers and journalists. watch live coverage. also, supreme court oral arguments. on the weekends you can see our signature interview programs. on saturdays, the communicators, and on sundays, "newsmakers," "q&a" and
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comments from the prime minister. you can watch our program technicality at and it's all searchable at our c-span video library. c-span, washington your way, a public service created by america's cable companies. >> we're live tonight at the white house correspondents' dinner starting out here on the red carpet. president obama and the first lady are expected to arrive at about 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. and a number of journalists and celebrities already spotted on the carpet. "huffington post"'s arian that huffington has made her walk been by. russell simmons. and we saw earlier two actors. "glee"'s matthew morrison and from "modern family," jesse ferguson. one of the guests tonight that's causing a little bit of a stir here on the red carpet in the apt of questions will be
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donald trump. he's going to be hosted by "the washington post." a supposewoman for the "post" says they invited mr. trum will because he's a fascinating figure to washington. he'll be at the same table with house speaker john boehner. let's look for a couple of seconds at the red carpet and some of the folks filing in for the dinner. >> we'll be showing you clips from past dinners and comments on twitter and facebook. you can watch us live on it includes social media comments and live h.d. video. president obama talked about
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his administration's efforts to combat rising gas prices, including ending government oil industry subsidies and investing in renewable energy. and then we'll show you the republican address with james langford of oklahoma, who discusses republican proposals to bring down gas prices, as well as his party's plan to cut government spending and reduce the federal debt. this is about 10 minutes. >> after the worst recession since the great depression, our economy is growing again and we've gained almost 2 million private-sector jobs over the last 13 months. i also know that a lot of folks are not feeling as positive as the statistics might suggest. it's still too hard to find a job. and even if you have a job, chances are you're having a tougher time paying the rising costs of everything from groceries to gas. in some places gas is now more than $4 a gallon, meaning that you could be paying upwards of $50 or $60 to fill up your tank. of course, while rising gas
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prices mean pain for families, they also mean bigger profits for the oil companies. they announced that they made more than $25 billion in the first few months of 2011. up about 30% from last year. now, i don't have any problem with any company or industry being rewarded for their success. the incentive of healthy profits is what fuels entrepreneurialism and helps drive our economy forward. but i do have a problem with unwarranted taxpayer subsidies that we've been handing out to oil and gas companies, to the tune of $4 billion a year. when oil companies are making huge profits already and you're struggling at the pump and we're scouring the federal budget for spending we can afford to do without, these tax giveaways aren't right, they aren't smart, and we need to end them. that's why earlier this week i renewed my call to congress to stop subsidizing the oil and gas industries. understand, i'm not opposed to
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producing oil. i believe that if we're serious about meeting our energy challenge we need to operate on all cylinders, and that means pursuing a broad range of energy policies, including safe and responsible oil production here at home. in fact, last year america's oil production reached its highest level since 2003. but i also believe that instead of subsidizing yesterday's energy we should invest in tomorrow's. and that's what we've been doing. already we've seen how the investments we're making in clean energy can lead to new jobs and new businesses. i've seen some of them myself. small businesses that are making the most of solar and wind power and energy-efficient technologies. big companies that are making fuel-efficient cars and trucks part of their vehicle neither. and to promote these kinds of vehicles, we implemented historic new fuel economy standards which could save you as much as $3,000 at the pump. now, i know that in this tough fiscal environment it's tempting for some in washington to want to cut our investments in clean energy, and i
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absolutely agree that the only way we'll be able to afford the things we need is if we cut the things we don't and live within our means. but i refuse to cut things like clean energy that will help america win the future by growing our economy and creating good-paying jobs, that will help make america more secure and that will help clean up our planet in the process. an investment in clean energy today is an investment in a better tomorrow, and i think that's an investment worth making. thanks for listening and have a great weekend. >> my name is james langford and i'm a freshman member of congress working for the people of oklahoma's fifth congressional district. when i listen to my constituents about the challenges they face, skyrocketing costs of gasoline is at the top of the list. prices at the pump have nearly doubled since president obama took office, making everyday life, like driving to work, buying groceries, picking up kids at school and visiting family more expensive. even worse -- the rising price of fuel. it's costing jobs and hurting
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our economy. higher energy prices hit virtually every american product and industry, making it more expensive to manufacture products, more expensive to ship goods and more expensive for farmers and ranchers. in fact, higher energy costs make everything made in the u.s.a. for expensive and send more good-paying jobs overseas. americans are looking for leadership to tackle their rising gas prices. but president obama has only offered a tax increase on energy in the prospect of reduced supply. for more than two years his administration has knowingly increased energy prices by choking off new sources of traditional american energy and smothering our economy in new energy regulations. his latest proposal, hiking taxes by billions of dollars, will not lower gas prices and would actually make the problem worse. in my state and in many other states thousands of people depend directly on american energy production for their paychecks. the president may think he's
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punishing c.e.o.'s of big companies, but his plan will hurt the everyday consumer of energy and imperil the jobs of millions of hard-working people in american-based companies. there is a better way. republicans are focused on expanding all american energy production to help lower costs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create millions of american jobs. next week the house of representatives will begin this process by passing legislation to increase the supply of american energy and create jobs. this legislation is part of our american energy initiative, an ongoing effort to lower costs and allow the private sector to create more american jobs. quite simply, if the president chooses to punt on real long-term solutions for energy and gas prices, we will take the lead. two weeks ago i was proud to cast my vote in the house for a budget that promotes economic growth in job creation by putting us on a path to pay down our debt and preserve
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medicaid and medicare for current retirees and future generations. our national debt is worse than most people realize. we must solve our budget problem, not just talk about the crisis. the president's bubt proposal fails to offer a credible plan that meets the nation's challenges in a serious manner. he considers it radical and extreme to balance the budget by doing what every american business and family does in tough times. they reduce spending. we need to be honest with the american people. washington should not overspend, then go to the american people and demand a tax increase, because we cannot make the tough decisions. and we cannot ignore the fact that tens of millions of baby-boomers are begin together retire while medicare is already teetering at the brink of insolvency. we must stabilize and protect medicare and medicaid. let me be clear -- the
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republican plan would not affect current medicare beneficiaries or any american 55 or older. to address medicare's looming insolventcy, though, we put in place a plan to save medicare for those under 55. we want them to have access to the same kind of medical retirement options that members of congress and all federal employees benefit from. the president's proposal protects the status quo, an unsustainable system that will bankrupt medicare and lead to future deep, painful benefit cuts for seniors, while continuing to pile trillions of dollars of obligation on the backs of future generations. the world is watching to see how we'll handle our debt. everyone wants to know if we'll just pile up more debt with no plan to ever pay it off, or if we will find a way to permanently work on our national debt. the president wants us to raise the debt limit with no real reforms to stop future
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washington spending binges, to let washington borrow even more money to the chinese and hand the bill to our kids and grandkids. this would be a stark moment in american history when a president would intentionally declare times are tough. i think i will make life tougher on my kids' and grandkids' generation to make life easier on me and my generation. we have responded differently. the american people will not tolerate an increase in the debt limit unless it comes with meaningful steps to cut washington spending and start working us out of debt. no more blank checks and huge bills on our children, so someone in washington can retain power. on gas prices, the budget and the debt limit, we will continue to offer real solutions to lower gas prices, create jobs and ensure that the next generation still has a shot at the american dream. our nation's been through difficult times before. we can do this. if we will work together to
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solve the problems instead of just talking about them. may god bless our families and our great nation. thank you for listening. >> and welcome to c-span's live coverage of the 2011 white house correspondents' dinner from the washington hilton hotel on connecticut avenue here in washington, d.c. as always, we'll be bringing you full and uninterrupted coverage of the dinner, the speakers, including the president, the red-carpet arrivals, and we will be live from one of the receptions prior to the dinner as well. here's our schedule of coverage this evening. in just a minute we'll be bringing you live from the red carpet at the hilton the arrivals of the celebrities and the politicians and the journalists, and then at about 8:00 p.m. the dinner starts. president obama and the first lady will be going into the ball room along with the rest of the dinner program. and at about 8:30, when they
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start eating, we'll bring you highlights of past dinners. and then at about 9:40, the entire dinner program kicks off, and at 10:15, that's when seth meyers from "saturday night live" and president obama will start speaking. by the way, you can also watch our entire program tonight online at, for white house correspondents' dinner. that's our dinner hub. there you'll find an aggregate of all the tweets from the dinner attendees. you can send your tweets there. you can see the hash tags, nerdprom or whcd. we also have videos of past dinners. you can watch the live coverage and there's an aggregate of all the news stories about the annual white house correspondents' dinner. so that's what's coming up tonight. several hours worth of coverage. now, though, let's go to the red carpet and the arrivals at the washington hilton hotel.
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